Our Story

At Calico, we offer a variety of dishes inspired by cuisine from around the world.  We are  a small restaurant with an even smaller kitchen, which means that every day we make everything fresh.  We cook with the seasons, using produce from local farms and other ingredients from local vendors.  We believe in thoughtful preparation and clear, balanced flavors. Simply put, we cook the food we like to eat.

The staff and owners at Calico have a unique set of skills and experiences, with lives spent in various aspects of the hospitality industry. We’ve been restaurateurs, baristas, butchers, cocktail bartenders, servers, and managers. We all worked together in the past and were given the opportunity to create something of our own. In March 2022 we started small, feeding the community we love with takeout, and in August we opened our doors to welcome everyone into our space.

We’re proud of the restaurant we’ve built, and look forward to seeing you for dinner!