Friends and Farmers

(in no particular order, the folks we could not do this without)

Song Sparrow Farm

Florence, MA

Kitchen Garden Farm

Sunderland, MA

Stella Flora

Easthampton, MA

Quonquont Farm

South Deerfield, Ma

Red Fire Farm

Granby, MA

Mycoterra Farm

South Deerfield, MA

Wingate Farm

Hinsdale, NH

Old Friends Farm

Amherst, MA

Mountain View Farm

Easthampton, MA

Apex Orchards

Shelburne Falls, MA

Queen’s Greens

Amherst, MA

Atlas Farm

South Deerfield

Haber’s Farmstand

Easthampton, MA

BerkShore Seafood

Western Mass

Elbow Room Coffee Roasters

Williamsburg, MA

Sutter Meats

Northampton, MA

Small Oven

Easthampton, MA

Daily Operation

Easthampton, MA